The answer is: It’s what you want it to be. I live my life around what is in my wine glass, the food on my plate, where I am, and my friends around me. It’s not wine snobbery. It’s what wine pairs with a hot dog or a five course dinner. A tasting room can have dirt floors with an old door thrown across a few wine barrels where you are greeted by the winery dog or sparkly glass and granite chateaus. It’s the experience!


I moved to the Seattle area years ago and Woodinville wine country grew up around me. There are about 100 plus wineries in my backyard from the small garagiste that is only open one weekend a year to the big places that are open almost every day of the year.

Wine became my passion through a long journey. I was looking for something different and I already liked wine. I found a group called Woodinville Wine Divas that “celebrated the friendship of women with wine and wine education”. The focus was educating women about Woodinville Wine Country wines and lifestyle. I loved learning about my local wines and knew that it was the right place for me.

I’ve seen how wine comes from the dirt to my glass by harvesting, sorting, bottling, and labeling. I’ve worked in wine bars, tasting rooms, and in retail. I’ve completed WSET Level 2. I’m Contributing Editor for Woodinville Wine Update. I’m also the founder of Wine Diva Lifestyle. My wine education will never be complete as wine is always changing.

Since I have spent many hours in wineries and tasting room I noticed a lack of nice clothing to buy. I’m not a guy and I don’t want to wear guy’s shirts. I decided to create Wine Diva shirts, pants, aprons, hats, etc. in women’s cuts and sizes. Raise your glass while wearing a Wine Diva™ product.

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