Efeste - Riesling

Efeste: Food Pairing with Riesling

Thank you Efeste for the helpful hints on what to pair with Riesling. One of my favorite pairings with Riesling is curry.   … [Read More...]

Alaska Airlines skillet

Alaska Airlines: Partners with Seattle’s Tom Douglas

Travelers on Alaska Airlines are invited to lift their palates this winter, as Alaska and Tom Douglas announce a new partnership to take airplane food to new heights. Beginning Dec. 1, travelers on … [Read More...]

Brown Bag Wine Tasting: Motorcycle terms with James Reddick

Another episode of Brown Bag Wine Tasting with William Shatner sipping wine with motorcycle enthusiast James Reddick. … [Read More...]

Repeal Day: December 5th

Probhibition in the US lasted about fourteen years from 1919 to 1933. Utah, ironically, was the final state to vote for ratification of  the 21st Ammendment to repeal Prohibition. The 21st … [Read More...]

Sea Dream Yacht Club: 2015 Wine Voyages

SeaDream Yacht Club is offering new Wine Voyages for 2015!  SeaDream's wine voyages' optional offerings include: *       Welcome Receptions *       Private Wine Tastings with Wine … [Read More...]